Your Financial Security
How will leave my residual estate to the people i love with a minimum of taxation?
Life Insurance
Will i know when i will need life insurance the most?
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Every client is unique
and every plan has to be unique

At Progressive Financial Strategy our philosophy is that each client requires a financial portfolio to match their varied risk appetite and it takes an expert understanding of the financial markets to design a portfolio that achieves the clients’ desired goals.

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A Relationship That Goes Beyond Banking

How do I maximize the value of my business when I leave?

As a small business owner, how do I plan for my own and my employees’ needs?

What are the tax consequences of the succession plan?

How can I most effectively transition my business?

I need retirement income from my business.

How will I divide company shares and leadership responsibilities between my children?

I want to retain control over my business for some period after retirement.

What happens to the business if one partner is incapacitated?

What is a buy-sell agreement between business partners?

What if my partner gets a divorce and the settlement calls for the spouse to receive a portion of our joint business assets?

Aligning All Your Financial Matters

Retirement Planning

How will I build a retirement income that I and my spouse can't outlive?

Educational Planning

What are my options for funding for my kids post secondary education?

Estate Planning

How do I preserve what I have worked so hard for?

Helping you in every little helps

Tax Strategies

A little planning ahead can go a long way to keeping your taxes as low as possible. In order to plan ahead properly, you'll need to understand how your income will be taxed.
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Wealth Management

Investing and making financial decisions in today’s sophisticated market requires time, patience and expertise. At Progressive Financial Strategy.