Wealth Management

Am I taking advantage of most tax planning strategies? How do I structure my portfolio? What is better…paying off the mortgage or investing? How can I pay off my mortgage sooner? I want to pay less tax?  

Retirement Planning

How will I build a retirement income that I and my spouse can’t outlive? I want to maintain the same standard of living after retirement.? I need money to travel after retirement. When will I have enough to stop working? Retirement costs are increasing! How should I invest my retirement package?

Educational Planning

What are my options for funding for my kids’ post-secondary education? What is better…Scholarship Plans or Self Directed RESP’s? How much do I need to save for my children’s education? How do I get the government grant for education? Are there tax benefits by saving through education plans?

Estate Planning

How do I preserve what I have worked so hard for? Is my will planned tax efficiently? I want to avoid probate costs and reduce estate taxes after my death. Is estate planning for rich only? I want to protect my assets from unforeseen creditors. I want to preserve my wealth for future generations. I […]

Risk Management

Will I know when I will need life insurance the most? What kind of Insurance do I need? How do I decide how long do I need life insurance? If I die today, how will my family survive financially? How do I insure my mortgage & other loans How much Critical Illness Insurance do I […]

Business Succession Planning

How do I maximize the value of my business when I leave? As a small business owner, how do I plan for my own and my employees’ needs? What are the tax consequences of the succession plan? How can I most effectively transition my business? I need retirement income from my business. How will I […]